The Life of a Wedding Coordinator

At Meridian Grand, we understand how intense wedding planning can be. However, with a Wedding Coordinator on board, this will ease the pressure off family members, so everyone can enjoy the big day!

Once you have booked your event at Meridian Grand, your Event Coordinator will be your main point of contact throughout the wedding planning process. Our job is to ensure your special day goes by smoothly and efficiently. We want your magical day to be how you always dreamt of it to be!

We can simply be contacted throughout the day through email at or you can call us on 02037 002727.

What does the Event Planner do?

Supplier Recommendation

The initial stages of wedding planning involve finding suppliers including: Photographers/Videographers, DJs, Entertainment, Cakes,Lighting, Cars and many more.

We have worked with various suppliers over the past few years and can recommend many key suppliers within the industry. We believe there are no better recommendations, than through someone that has dealt with them in the past! With our great flexibility, you may also wish to bring in your own suppliers, this is no problem at all! Just give us their contact details and we will be happy to liaise with them.

Running Order and Itinerary

A key factor in making sure the day runs perfectly is by doing the personalised running order and itinerary. During this meeting, we will go through timings, ensuring you have enough time allocated for everything. From getting ready, to memorable photos and enjoying the delicious food – this will all be included in the itinerary.

When we sit down with our clients to go through the Running Order, we will make sure all those extra details are included, so that each member of staff is aware of all your requirements for the special day.

Need a cake table? Need chairs during the drinks reception for elderly guests? This will all be added to the running order and set up before the event as every little detail matters!

Food Tasting

If you have opted in for Meridian Grand Catering – you are in for a treat! The Event Planner will organise the food tastings and sit down with you to note down all your feedback and requirements. We usually get an idea of the client’s taste palette during this time and can recommend some delightful dishes for you to try in your next food tasting based on your response.

After your ultimate food tasting, we will go through your final dishes and get your bespoke, personalised menu prepared complimentary by us when opting for in house catering.

Liaising with Suppliers

We will also liaise with suppliers, it is vital we get all the required documentation from them to proceed with the wedding. We will also make note of their arrival timings, so we can make sure everything is set up in good time before guest start to arrive.

Floor Plan

It can at times be difficult to decide where to locate the head table, the stage and the DJ, even whether to put 10 or 12 chairs around the table. Each client has their own ideas and opinions; therefore we are happy to design a variety of floor plans and get creative with our clients until they have the perfect floor plan layout!

Managing the Big Day

Your wedding day is a day for you to let others run around after you and that’s exactly what we do!

The Event Planner, Hostess and Operations Manager will work together to ensure everything is going to plan. We start off our day by printing out the running orders, this is safeguarded
throughout the day and is our main point of reference!

We will make sure everything is set up on our part and assist suppliers with anything they need from us.

Once the Bride and Groom arrive, it is our priority to look after them and their guests, if there’s anything they need, even a cup of tea, we are there to help!

During the event, we aim to make sure everything is running smoothly and to plan, our ultimate goal is to see the smiles on the Brides and Grooms faces at the end of the event!

What’s the best part of the job?

The best part of our job is getting to know clients and helping them make dreams into a reality! We build relationships with the Bride’s, Groom’s and Family members and by the time the wedding begins, our clients become good friends of ours!